Message from our Managing Partner

Fitting into a new business environment is a challenging journey. It’s not about just acclimatizing to the country and its practices, it’s about making sound decisions from the start: having the right relocation plans, finding the right opportunities, anticipating and overcoming business risks. You need a guide for this journey, one qualified to point you in the right direction. This is what Landmark was created to do.

At Landmark, we are keenly aware of what it takes to start a successful business venture in a brand new country. After completing my masters degree, I made Australia my permanent home and decided to build a career here. Those on my team have experienced similar transitions. Landmark is about drawing from our collective experiences, our network of local and international connections, and our insight into both Australian and Asian markets to help you relocate and grow your business in a seamless and productive way.

Welcome to Landmark. Your bridge to untapped opportunities.

Doing business in Brisbane

Australia is an exceptional place to do business. Many companies have enjoyed incredible profitability and success here. With the benefits of low set-up costs, easy access to the Asia-Pacific region, and a vibrant financial services sector, more and more companies are calling Australia home.

As Brisbane is Australia’s closest major city to Asia and third largest educational hub, the area is a drawcard for those looking to relocate. Here you will find a highly supportive business community, a cost competitive environment and a host of resources designed to help further your enterprise initiatives.

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