The land of kangaroo encourages residents from other places to live and work outside Australia’s major cities with tremendous incentives:

+ Provide 1 more year of working for international students studying at Universities in the Regional areas. This means that after graduation, you will be granted a 3-year work visa in Australia instead of 2 years as the current 485 visa condition.

+ The Australian Government has just approved two new visas (Regional Visa) to encourage migration to remote areas. 23,000 temporary visas will be issued to post-graduate students, after 3 years living in remote areas will be able to apply for immigration visa (PR). This type of visa will be given priority and pre-issued visa applications in big cities like Syd & Mel (visa 189 & 190).

+ In addition, the Government also supports 1,000 scholarships worth up to $ 15,000 for international students studying in designated areas.

Source: Australian government press release on March 20, 2019