A new guarantee program called Designated Area Migration Agreement (“DAMA”), within the framework of a work-residence visa (482/187), has been implemented since 12 / 2018.

+ DAMA allows businesses in the severely labor-poor states to apply for foreign labor guarantee with lower English proficiency and occupational skills than regular working visas.

+ In this Agreement, the employer may offer to recruit professions outside the list issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs and at the same time reduce some of the compulsory regulations on English proficiency (usually at least 5.0 IELTS) and minimum wage ($ 53,900 / year).

+ If guaranteed through the DAMA program, the employee has the option: (1) Ask for a guarantee and work in a remote area for 3 years then apply for a residence visa (from 482 to 187); or (2) Apply for a Skills Assessment then apply for a permanent residence visa – work in a remote area 187


About life and lifestyle in Northern Australia:

+ Northern Australia is a region with a serious shortage of labor.

+ Extreme tropical climate and remote location are the main reasons for immigrants who do not want to live here.

+ Skilled workers in the fields of agriculture, slaughtering, and tourism – hotels are the opportunities to get PR here.

+ The DAMA program after being deployed in North Australia has been replicated by the government in some areas in South Australia (SA), Victoria (VIC) and Western Australia (WA).

+ Warrnambool – Victoria’s center for slaughtering and producing meat is also an area eligible for the DAMA program. Employees in the field of meat processing, animal husbandry and some agricultural industries are guaranteed a DAMA visa when applying for a job here.